Artist Statement

Data-Scape is a projected live media artwork that incorporates sound and live Internet traffic.
The piece was created in Processing, an open source-programming environment found at using the OpenGL, Carnivore, full screen, and ESS libraries. The piece was created in 2007/08. While Data_Scape is an existing artwork, it becomes site specific as it uses local Internet traffic from the installation site to create image and sound.

Data_Scape is a live representation of Internet traffic passing over the local network. As the information is read, it is translated into projected sound and image. The transformation of information into these reduced forms questions the notion of the digital environment in which we find ourselves participating, knowingly or unknowingly.

Data_Scape is a play on the notion of a manufactured landscape. A manufactured landscape in the sense that human creation or alteration of a space in a direct or indirect manner. As the work changes in the gallery, it skirts a line between being either a landscape or a cityscape. I hope the viewer will find the land/cityscape to be a simple and graceful creation.